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Valentines Day Picnic - Sam + Sean

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

"I hope you know... we're a pretty goofy couple." Sam said to me, as we waited along the trail for her boyfriend, Sean, to make his way over to us. "Like, really goofy."

I immediately knew that this photoshoot was going to be one of the best ones I've ever done. Sidebar to all my future couples out there: PLEASE be as goofy as possible!! It gets you comfortable faster in front of the camera, your photos turn out looking more like YOU, and it makes my job a hell of a lot more entertaining to egg you both on.

It was such a beautiful evening; the air was warm and salty, and the sun was becoming low in the evening sky and glowing off the top of the dunes. We packed up our picnic basket and blanket, and trudged along the sand until we arrived at one of the most beautiful areas in Mondana De Oro. Sam and Sean were almost as excited as I was to have a sunset picnic in one of the most stunning places on the Central Coast.

It was definitely a Valentine's Day for the books. I couldn't have asked for better better lighting, a better sunset, or a better couple. These goofballs were so much fun to hang out with and take photos of!

Sam and Sean, thank you for sharing the intimate, goofy side of your relationship with me, and also for sharing some of the food. You guys are one of a kind, and I cannot wait to see where time takes your relationship and our friendship!



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