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The Sikma Family

The evening was warm, as the sun cast a pleasant glow in the walnut orchard. A golden light was thrown across the river below, and long shadows were drawn across the grass. Have I ever mentioned how much I love shooting in golden hour? The Sikma family and I headed into the 60 year old walnut orchard, as Raegan (Krystal's sweet and spunky little girl), and I talked about Disney Princesses and how her grandmother was my favorite teacher in high school.

I took out my camera, and took a few practice shots, adjusting my settings while Krystal softly held the newest addition to the family, little Eli.

It was go time.

The Sikma family and I walked down to the grassy overlook by the river. I was so excited to get some photos of this amazing family interacting and playing together.

While we were setting up, I asked Miss Raegan if she wanted to blow some bubbles. We had lots of fun working on her awesome bubble blowing skills!

We spread the large yellow quilt out, and I began snapping photos of how this amazing family interacted.

This family is so incredibly special. Their daughter, Raegan, was the biggest bundle of sunshine I have ever seen. Eli was the most easygoing baby, always giggling and smiling for me (seriously, a photographer's dream baby). Krystal and Evan are such wonderful parents, and it's so easy to see how strong their love is.

We ended the night with this final shot of the whole family huddled together as the sun set behind the corn field.

As golden hour started to fade, we walked back up to the house. My night was completely made when little Raegan asked me for a hug before I left. It's nights like these where I leave with a full heart, a happy soul, and a deep appreciation for a job that helps me make others smile. I'm so grateful that I was able to capture these little moments for this blessed family.

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