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Sarah + Bryce - McConnell Park Couples Session

February 8, 2019

It's not often that I find a couple my age that's been dating longer than my boyfriend and I of five years. These two have been together for 6 years and they have one of the most beautiful relationships I've ever seen!

I've known Sarah since elementary school and she's always been such an incredible and kind-hearted person. She's also a small business owner like me (give her a follow at @saragmorgancakes). We've played volleyball together over the years, and it's always such a blast hanging out with her and Bryce for a session.

One of the reasons why I love these two so much is that they're so freaking understanding. I definitely wasn't on my A-game on the day of our session. I had a fever for about two weeks and a full blown sinus infection. Not to mention that it was 2 in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten the entire day because I felt way too nauseous. I kept telling myself that I had to make it through two sessions, and then I could finally head over to Urgent Care.

Sickness and all, this session turned out to be one of the most fun and incredible sessions I've ever done. Sarah and Bryce have such a unique connection, and it was so much fun to capture the way they laughed, played, and loved one another. Seriously excited to see where life takes these two amazing people.

Sarah and Bryce, thank you for your continuous friendship with me and love for one another.



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