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Megan and Blayke - MDO Couples Session

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Most of the time, weather on the coast for photoshoots can be a complete gamble. It could be the cloudiest, gloomiest day in the middle of summer, or a beautiful warm night in the middle of winter. Either way, I truly think both settings add such a special feel to each photoshoot.

On the day of Megan and Blayke's photoshoot, the weather ended up being a bit gloomy but gorgeous nonetheless. I met these two at the top of Bluff Trail, and we walked down to the ocean from there, taking photos along the way. Once we got down to the water, there were dozens of little sea otters swimming around! We even saw a few deer as we walked back to our cars, which was super cool. (see if you can spot them in the last photo!)

Megan is one of the superhuman high school teachers trying to get through the school year virtually due to the pandemic. Blayke is in the same boat as I am- currently planning on finishing up his last quarter in the fall at Cal Poly. I know Megans going to spell-check the hell out of this blog post, but still say a little prayer for both of their school years to be off to a good start!

Megan and Blayke have such relaxing, easy going personalities. They are two incredible and kind souls who were so much fun getting to know and hang out with for the evening! These two were also TROOPERS, let me tell ya. By the end of their photoshoot the weather had started to get pretty chilly, but they were still down to splash around and play in the water!

Megan and Blayke, it was so much fun to get to know you both and capture your relationship together! I hope both of your school years end up being incredible!



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