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Anna's Senior Session - Cal Poly & Cerro San Luis

I'm a firm believer in taking your college graduation photos in two locations: on your college campus and then at another beautiful location of your choosing. Anna's graduation photos are such a beautiful example of this!

Anna and I met up for her senior session at the iconic Cal Poly sign on California Boulevard. The nice thing about graduating in the fall is that this sign is so much less crowded than it usually is in the spring. We took a few fun photos, and then walked over to the business building, where we took some more in the cactus garden, the stairs, and in front of one of the classrooms where many of her in-person classes were held (*sigh* back in the good old pre-covid days).

From here, we drove five minutes out to the base of Cerro San Luis, where we took her remaining photos. We were able to watch the sun set behind Bishop, and get some rad shots of her smiling and popping champagne (which is something I absolutely recommend all grads to bring!).

Anna is such an amazing and sweet soul, I am so happy that I was able to take her graduation photos! Congratulations on graduating, and cheers to new adventures!

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