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Hey, I'm Sara

Nice to meet ya!! My name is Sara Theodozio.

I'm a photographer because I love capturing genuine moments. Life is so precious and short, and I want to help document all of the belly-aching laughs, scrunchy nosed kisses, and gripping hugs so that we'll always remember the big and little moments alike. I want to give you beautiful, timeless photos that you'll be able to show your children, grand-children, or even fur-children (hey, I won't judge) and tell them exactly how it felt to be in that moment. 

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About Me

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A little about me

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I'm originally from Atwater, California, and I am now currently traveling the U.S and loving life.


Over the last five years I've lived in San Luis Obispo, California, where I obtained my BS in Agricultural Business at Cal Poly in December 2020.

Most days you can find me exploring the new area I moved to, hiking, making stickers on my iPad, or baking lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies for my new roommates. As exciting as that sounds, I'm honestly a huge introvert and love spending time snuggled up on the couch with my cat, Scout, editing photos and watching New Girl, Friends, The Office, or whatever other shows my roommates are into!

When I say I'm constantly doodling, I'm usually working on some fun sticker designs! I love making stickers based on the places I visit, colleges and high schools that friends attend, or random little things that cross my mind. I most of my artwork on Redbubble so people can buy them as stickers! Here's the link to my store if you want to check it out.

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Whatcha waiting for?  Tell me about you!

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